Wide awake
dreaming of you
I watched my sky fall
I lost a photograph
of you,

Now I must learn how to crawl..

I think I've nearly lost my mind
Do you love me?
I ask, "Is there another man?"
and all you say is..

There There
There There

It's been two weeks now
in my little hell
still you won't say
where you are

I sent a telegram
to your Parental retreat
There is no refuge too far

I think I've really lost my mind
Do you love me?
I bought a ticket to your arms
and all you can say is there there..

There There
There There

The last obession
from my love career
I have to see you

Children are playing now
warm rain is falling
As we lay down on green grass..

(Written by Stephen Bishop)

*Someone I knew had a "control"
problem with his girlfriend. One day he
came home and she had vanished from
the house they shared. He became
obsessed with finding her. It inspired
this song.