She drives her Jag
to her Daddy’s estate
She’s all cried out
but her hair looks great

She lost her fiancé
He caught her with his best man
in the act of lust
Daddy, make it go away..

But he says, "No Baby Blue
No one’s gonna save you
no one’s gonna save you"
He says, "
you know it’s true"

Every time you fall
You need someone to
Rescue you..
Rescue you..

Her crime of passion
from a life of neglect
and Daddy’s money
couldn’t buy self-respect

Her little Black book
with every stupid guy
she screwed in Hampton Town
Now Daddy’s got that deer in headlights look..

and he says No No. My baby blue
you know you will regret it
might as well forget it
He says C’mon C’mon.. you know it’s true

Every time you fall
You want someone to
Rescue you
Rescue you...

They find her in the park
"Only Love can..Rescue you"

Rescue you..

(Music by Stephen Bishop, lyrics by
Stephen Bishop and Wendy Chalin)

*This song was originally called "Someone to rescue you"
I wrote the song mostly and Wendy contributed an important
line for the chorus. All instruments played by David Kopatz.. The song is about a rich girl.