tattered sky
leaves on stone
candle at her feet

and a heart of clay
when the flesh is weak

she became
a pawn to sorrow
a child without a name

for another love
for another fool to blame

So they give in
to her "eyes of love"
fingers on her skin
They give her anything she wants

but she says, promise me the world
or give me nothing at all
promise me the world
or give me nothing at all

years before
she loved a young man
who betrayed her with a kiss

he took her down
where lovers drown

now all she wants
is everything
everything that you got

you think it's love
but it's not

stand tall like the rest
who loved her
and paid for tenderness
she'll hurt you
to survive..

a house in Rome
servants at her beck and call
a trail of roses
everywhere she walks

she'd sell her soul
just to feel the warmth of fortune
words fall silent
but fat wallets talk

satin sheets
drinks at harry's bar in venice
french riviera
the hamptons in july

jewels for her fingers
fashion from Milan
Black limousines
for when she says goodbye..

(Stephen Bishop)