I never knew what I could feel
Until I held you in my arms
You're like a dream
that seems so real
'Tho our worlds are far apart

And I would give to you
The moon, the stars
The Ocean and the Sky
My love, my soul, my heart
But I must hide this love inside
of me

for the pleasure of your company

There is a light that shines in you
It showed me how to feel again
We opened a door
we can't walk through
Still our love will never end
and it can never be..


Silver sky, darkest night
Gentle rose, sun of light

Somewhere in another world
I'd have never let you go
I'll remember how you danced with me
And the pleasure of your company..

(Written by John Jarvis & Stephen Bishop)

*This song was written to be the theme of,
"Anna and the King." John and I worked really
hard on it only to lose out to a song that I
actually liked...I hate when that happens!
I've written alot of songs with John over
the years...we're ol' pals and he's a
very talented player and writer...The girl's
name is Suzi Carr..friend of my then "Shrink"
girlfriend.. very good singer who sang the girl's
part on the demo..I really didn't like the
movie anyway...sour grapes..