She was late
to the party
couldnít find a thing to wear
she looks just like Sharon Stone
Posing for Playboy
as she reads Voltaire

One more pretty girl
crying the tears of a child
now her boyfriendís
trying to con some mafia guys
on Deuces wild
Ďtill they say, "HEY YOU!"

So he jumps out the window
throws all the money in the
back of his Jag
then they chase him through town
theyíre gonna make him their new punching bag

But they lose him in jersey
now heís with his girl back home
he says, "I had a little trouble..pack your things
Weíre going to Rome
I been up all night
But Iíll sleep on the plane"

Itís gonna be a brand new life for us, my love
Youíll wear your white Fake Fur
in the Vatican Hall...

You know I told Ďem I donít take requests
I gotta get my beauty rest
so Iíll Sleep on the Plane
yeah Iíll sleep on the plane....
Guess I'll sleep on the plane...

(Written by Stephen Bishop)

*Well, this is a strange song..I have several
of these now..these wierd songs of mine. I guess
it makes me laugh to write this kind of stuff..
So different from my mushy songs..
I like the line, "You'll wear your white fake fur
in the Vatican Hall."..Anna Nicole Smith cameo?
I did all the music for this on my little Roland PMA-5 sequencer. It's the size of a VHS tape. With the help of Mr. Midi.