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(Stephen Bishop/Tom Snow/Andrew Gold)

On first impression
I found you
Too good to be true
you touched my cheek
said, "You'll do"
I was shaking in my shoes

'Cause I never thought
this strange attraction
would give me such a strong reaction

I look in your eyes
and I get paralyzed...

I Go Numb
I can't speak
Everytime I look at you
My knees go weak

I wanna die
Everytime I look at you

In a World of White Noise
You gotta stay cool
Can't lose your control
And all the games I played
When I was a fool
Now it's you I wanna hold

'Cause I've waited for some inspiration
A Woman of Sophistication

But when I'm close to you
I can't seem to move...


I asked the Moon above
Said, "tell me if what I feel is real?
Or just an accident of love

'Cause now I'm living
In her World
and I really think
I'm falling for this girl...

I Go Numb
I can't speak
Everytime I look at you
I feel so weak
I wanna die
Everytime I look at you

c 1996 Stephen Bishop Music Publishing Co.
Snow Music/Quarkbrain Music/BMI