Just like the little bird
sings a song thatís never heard
You sing alone

Itís a mean little game
and thereís no life to blame
but your own

and So it's down and down
you go
into the darkest place youíll ever know
'till your fear has brought you here

I promise you
I promise you
Iíll get you home before nightfall

When your tearin' yourself apart
When youíve broken your own heart
Iíll help you mend it

If thereís the smallest ray of hope
If you see no moon in your telescope
Iíll help you find it...

and when itís down and down
you go
on an endless search
to find your soul
Ďtill your fear
brings you here

Something inside of you
is trying to be strong
but you long for release
and who you used to be

and when it's down, down, down
you go
into the darkest place youíll ever know
and your fear brings you here..

I Promise you
I promise you
I'll get you home
Before Nightfall..

(Written by Stephen Bishop)

*Keyboards and drums by Julian
Bunetta with help from good pal,
Peter Bunetta..I was going to replace
my kinda sloppy guitar but never
got around to it. The song was
written for someone I was very
close to who was having a tough