Baby you should know
When youíre close to me
if your heart starts to tremble
and you feel a little weak

Darliní what you feel
I feel too
Canít make it through my day
without thinking of you..

Some people walk away
never to be together
love is here and gone so fast
so letís Make it last..

Now do you want someone
who tells the truth
A stand up kind of fella
who stands up for you

Have you wasted your time
on liars and fools
who hold you all through the night
while theyíre thinking of someone new

I know youíve heard it all before..
But I promise my love for a lifetime
love is here and gone so

Letís make it last..

Baby they say...
Love waits for no one
But I will stay
every hour of every day
Where no hearts can be broken
and Iíll give my love to you...

you know..Itís only a matter of time
and if we just hang onto each other
Youíll see how good it can be
for you and me..

So darliní all that I ask
Letís make it last...

Letís Make it Last

( Brandon Barnes/Stephen Bishop)