Night is falling
Here in the darkness
I can see
Someone like me
Is calling out
Wondering how my hopes and plans
Slipped through my hands

But it's alright
It's okay
I'll never understand it
It just turned out that way
It's Alright
It's okay
I still have my
Dreams of Someday

I can hear them
Shouting my name
out from the crowd
cheering loud
I hear them now
Everything I was meant to be
Guess it wasn't meant for me


Time is just a photograph
I can't go on
living for the memories

Tonite, it's okay
Even if where I'm going
is a million miles away
It's alright
It's okay
'cause I still have my
Dreams of Someday...

(Written by Stephen Bishop/Jud Friedman/
Allan Rich)

*I saw an article in the paper about a teenage
girl who had lost in a race but still
had aspirations to run in the Olympics..
She said she still had her, "Dreams of
Someday.." I wrote most of the chorus and
was lucky to get a great songwriting team,
Jud and Allen to write the song with me...We wrote
it for the coming Olympics. For the
athlete who tries but fails to win the Gold...